Toofan Movie Shakib Khan is in the movie

On Tuesday afternoon, the official social media pages of Alpha Eye, Charki and SVF released the teaser of Raihan Rafi’s movie ‘Toofan’. Ever since the announcement of the movie, a different kind of sensation has been created among the audience.

The 1 minute 21 second teaser crossed the milestone of one million views on Facebook and YouTube within 24 hours on Wednesday. The news of crossing crores of views has been announced by the production company as, ‘Jharer Bege Ek Crore Par’. But what is there in the teaser, which the audience likes so much? Let’s take a look at seven possible reasons.

Shakib Khan is in the movie — this alone is enough for fans. Who is the creator, what is the story – all this is trivial. The fans have proved that many times by making this star’s movie a superhit, one of the country’s movies. However, Shakib who was seen in the teaser of ‘Toofan’, who has seen him before! His walk, sitting on the bonnet of a car, firing a machine gun—the screen seems to indicate another Shakib category. The way the stars are presented on screen as ‘superstars’, ‘larger than life’ in the mainstream commercial cinema of the subcontinent, the makers have done it well in the teaser. Many YouTubers and viewers have commented that this is like another Shakib. He has not been seen in this teaser before.

Actor Shakib
Star Shakib has been seen many times on screen. Actor Shakib was also doing well in his recently released movies. But seeing the way Shakib expressed himself on the screen in the teaser of ‘Toofan’, many people have said – if not the actor Shakib. Especially the way he vented his anger in the bathtub scene towards the end of the teaser was great.

Chanchal Bajimat
The teaser of ‘Toofan’ was Shakib. But at the very end of the teaser, Chanchal Chowdhury made his appearance known for a short time. At the moment, the audience and fans were surprised to hear the dialogue and smile of this actor, who is one of the most popular in both Bengals. Many people wrote in the comment section, “Shakib vs. Chanchal, this time will be a clash between them.”

Chanchal Chowdhury

The teaser of the movie ‘Toofan’ starts with Shakib Khan’s voice over monologue. Where the hero of the film Dhakai can be heard declaring his dominance in the saintly language. This kind of monologue was never heard from Shakib’s mouth before. This also impressed his fans.

The magic of music
How many songs will there be in ‘Tufan’? Who sang the songs? None of this is known yet. But everyone is impressed by hearing ‘Tufan El Rey’ playing in the teaser. Many YouTubers from West Bengal also praised the song. Many have also said that after the release of the movie, the song will spread on everyone’s lips.
Another taste
Is it a Bangladeshi movie teaser? After seeing the glimpse of ‘Toofan’, the question occurred to many. The way the teaser shows the context of a certain time in the past, the glimpses of the action have been revealed, leaving many in awe. He said, as a Bangladeshi movie, the teaser of ‘Tufan’ exceeded their expectations.

and Raihan Rafi
Raihan Rafi has made a name for himself as a filmmaker with movies like ‘Paraan’, ‘Suranga’ and other web works. It is not easy to make a film with a mix of commercial and artistic genres. But many feel Rafi has the quality. Rafi has once again introduced himself as a producer in the teaser of ‘Toofan’. Many have also praised the way each shot, with dialogues, gives glimpses of the story.

Raihan Rafi
Raihan Rafi first light
Apart from Shakib Khan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mimi Chakraborty, Nabila and many others have acted in the movie, which is awaiting release on the holy Eid-ul-Azha.

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